Upon arrival for the hour-long event, you will be given a number and name-tag, along with a brochure which includes the conversation starter questions.  During the event, use the conversation starter card (with Bible, faith, relationship and value questions to talk for five minutes with each conversation partner.  In between each five minute rotation (indicated by the ringing of a bell), in your brochure, jot down notes about the conversation and whether you would like to chat more with that person.  After this, you move to another conversation partner and begin anew.  This is repeated eight times (assuming there are eight women and eight men) with a five minute break after the first four meetings.  

At the end of the event, check in with registration to state the conversation partners with whom you would like to chat more.  During this 5-10 minute wait time you can purchase coffee, tea, muffin, etc.  After the tally, recheck in and your matches will be given to you along with time to reconnect with the matches. 

Note: This is similar in concept to the secular speedy/quick dating events.